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Pricing and transactions

About our pricing

Our prices are designed to be transparent and straight-forward, based on how much work we will need to do to complete your order. Each service is priced according to the number of transactions involved.

What counts as a transaction?

Essentially a transaction is any number that we will need to check and add up*.

Generally income is much simpler than expenses for tax purposes, so all the income you receive from a single source (as long as you have already totaled it up) will count as just one transaction. For example, if your income is made up of 5,000 cash sales, but you have added these all up and given us the total, that will only count as a single transaction. If you also have credit card sales, the total of these will count as a second transaction, in addition to your cash income.

Expenses are a bit more complicated as there are hundreds of specific HMRC rules about what can and cannot be deducted, so we need to check every individual item of expenditure carefully. Each time you spend money and receive a receipt or invoice, that will generally count as a transaction, but if it is a recurring bill, you can give us an annual statement or summary, and that will only represent one transaction.

For each receipt or invoice, we will need to consider each individual line item individually. This is because, even if all the items on the receipt are for business purposes, some of them might be excluded by specific HMRC rules. For this reason we will treat the first ten items of a similar nature on a receipt as a single transaction. Each subsequent group of up to ten items will then count as an additional transaction, as will items of markedly different types. For example, if on one receipt you buy a laptop and an A4 pad we will treat this as two transactions as they are subject to completely different tax rules.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how many transactions you will have – just go with your best guess and once we have completed your accountancy work we will let you know if you didn’t pay enough or if we owe you a refund because you paid too much.

*We will count any transaction that you submit to us for consideration, even if we conclude that it does not actually represent part of your income, or is not legally deductible for tax purposes. This reflects the fact that the majority of our time is spent researching transactions and comparing them with the thousands of tax rules, not just adding them up. For this reason please do not submit documentation to us in relation to transactions you do not wish us to consider. If you need to do this, for example if a receipt shows both business and personal expenses, please let us know in the notes for that upload which items we should ignore.